I got my online banking sorted out today! :D

Yes! ^.^ So now I can actually use paypal and stuff, which is really nice, aha. xD I’ve only had it made for two and a half months. 

I thought about hanging around in town and stuff too, since I didn’t really have a whole lot else to do today since there was no school and I kinda just wanted to get out of the house, but that parade got literally rained on and I ended up coming back home after going to the bank instead. quq 

Ah well though, the thought was there at least. :o

Anyway, I’d write more here tonight, but I’m kinda really sleepy now, honestly? ;o; So I’m probably just gonna finish watching the youtube video I got halfway through before I left for the bank, and then I’m probably just gonna go to bed.  quq

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Good night guys! X3