We had one day of not-rain after a weekend of rain, and now it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week. xD

Aaand now rain doesn’t sound like a word either, whoops. x’D

But yeah, it poooured pretty much all weekend except for last night, and it was a little wet out today too, but it didn’t pour or anything. :o Buuut now I guess it’s supposed to rain all week, and just eeehhh, I don’t really think I like this, aha. ;v;’ 

Hopefully it doesn’t rain as much as it did on the weekend, though. quq 

I can’t really think of anything significant I did today, honestly? xD And I’m too tired to word what I’d like to talk about from last night, oops. 

So I think I might just go to bed, especially since I’ve been sleepy pretty well all day, and I have to get up early again tomorrow too. ;o;

But I’ll definitely be back on again tomorrow, so I’ll try to write more here then! :o

Good night guys! ;v;