I was in and out of my dentist appointment in ten minutes! :D

Yes! :D I can’t remember for sure if I mentioned I had one scheduled for today or not, but I had to make one because of a filling that was bugging me. quq 

Buuut I got in there today and they used floss and stuff and figured out that a tiny little piece of the latex-like netting thing, which they use to stop anything from going down my throat when they’re filling my teeth, had gotten fused to the side of my tooth, but not the front or back where I might’ve maybe noticed, it was between my teeth, ehhh. ;v; But I mean hey, that’s done now, and if I’m still having trouble with it in a week I’m supposed to go back in. 

Hopefully I don’t have any more trouble with it, though. xD

I even made the bus home after school was done too, though! So I didn’t end up having to wait for Mum to be finished at work, which I totally expected to have to do. :o

Anyway, I’m reeeeally sleepy now, and I have to get up kinda early to have a shower anyway, so I think I’m gonna go to bed for tonight. quq

I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! uvu

Night guys! ^^