I forgot how messy paper mache is. xD

Yeahhh. xD We’re doing paper mache animals in art class, and I completely forgot juuust how messy it gets, aha. 

I’m doing a dog, which I think I’m probably gonna paint to look like Matthew! :o And I got most of the first layer of paper mache on, but then the bell rang and I had to leave, and I didn’t even have time to completely wash my hands before I went to chemistry, whoooops. ;v;’ 

SO now he’s maybe completely stuck to the paper on the table that’s there to help prevent a huge mess on the table, but it was either that or sacrifice his ears and I figure as long as I can get him off the paper on the table it’ll be fine, since I’ll have to cover it again anyway. xD

Aaaand that’s the most significant thing that happened today, honestly! :o I’ve been really sleepy again today though, which sorta sucks. quq Hopefully I feel a little more awake tomorrow, aha. 

I’m probably gonna get off for tonight I think, though! ;v; I think I’m gonna play a little Devil Survivor, probably just until I start falling asleep, which probably isn’t really all that far off, honestly. xD 

Buut I’ll be back on tomorrow for sure! :D So I’ll try to write more here then. :3

Good night guys! uvu