I sneezed like six times basically in a row this morning. xD

Yeeaaahh.. xD 

I stopped taking allergy medication for like two days because I’ve been taking it at night instead of in the morning, and apparently it works best if you take it in the morning, so I’ve been trying to switch it but I keep forgetting to take it in the morning, oops. ;v;’ And so now I know for sure that it’s allergies I have, because my sinuses have been acting up a little and my nose has been running a little, and I sneezed a bunch this morning too, ehhhh. xD 

I got to spend some time drawing today! :D Like, for myself I mean. I took a traditional sketch I’d done of Mion a little while back and I shrunk it down to a better size, and I traced it over in GIMP. It’s been so long since I drew for myself digitally, it felt nice to do that today! ^.^ I might try to draw more tomorrow if I can, too! :3

Anyway, I didn’t really do a whole lot else today besides play Devil Survivor and go driving with Dad (and then go out on the four wheelers afterwards), and it’s almost ten thirty now anyway, so I think I’m gonna stop writing here for today. :o

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow, though! :D I’ll try to post some art that I’ve done over the past little while here, too. ^.^ Either way I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! 

Night guys! ^^