I’m going to an open house thing for the college I’ll be going to tomorrow evening! :o

Yes! ^^ So that’s from four thirty until eight thirty, meaning I’m not gonna get home until twn thirty or eleven, ehhh. xD Ah well though, it’ll be good to actually get a look around campus and stuff, considering the most experience I had with it was driving around it in the dark for a minute back like last year, aha. 

I might get to meet some of the other people in my animation program, too! :o 

In related news, I applied to ten scholarships and bursaries for the college tonight, and I filled out forms and stuff for four more from around the community here at home, too. uvu I’ve been productive, ahaha. 

I’m gonna have art featured in the student art show starting on Thursday too, which’ll be cool! ovo Apparently a bunch of my stuff’s gonna be in it by the sounds of it, aha. xD 

Anyway, I’m gonna be up late tomorrow but I’ll still be getting up at the usual time on Wednesday morning, so I should probably try to get as much sleep as I can tonight. ;o; So I’m gonna get off for tonight to try to sleep,  but I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! ^^

I’m not sure how much I’ll get written here tomorrow since it looks like I’ll probably have to write from my phone using data, but I’ll definitely get something written at least! :D

Night guys! ^-^