I’m at the open house thing for the college I’ll be at next year now! :D

Yesss. :D I’m just waiting for it to all get started, but I have fifteen minutes until it does so I figured I’d write this now! :o

The ex-friend that wouldn’t leave Grahm and I alone for basically two years is here though, which suuucks. .-. I thought I was gonna get away from him when I come here for school, but it’s not necessarily gonna be that way, and just ehhh. :/ 

I’m not gonna write everything off because of it or anything, I just don’t have high hopes that things will have changed and if we cross paths a lot it’s gonna suck. ;o; But I mean, what were the odds that this would happen? qoq Hopefully we don’t see each other like at all, and hopefully he doesn’t plan on staying in residence, because I’m also gonna stay there, ehhh.

I think tonight is gonna be cool, though! :o I’m excited to meet some of the people who’ll be in my program and stuff next year. It’s a small program, and not all the spaces are filled in it either, so there’s less than twenty people in it for next year right now. ovo So I’ll probably end up getting to know them pretty well! ^.^

Anyway, I think I’m gonna stop writing here for now and take a look at the papers and stuff I got when I came in. uvu 

I probably won’t be back on again today, but I will be tomorrow for sure! :D

Bye guys! ^.^