The opening for the art show was tonight! :D

Yes! ^.^ So that was good, I spoke at the opening and I tripped over my words a little but ehhh, I got it done! xD I was pretty okay about it up until probably an hour or so before, and that’s when the anxiety kicked in, whoops. I did it though, and I’m proud of myself for that! ^^

I might have more art in the show than anyone else too, I think? :o I did a little tally and I think the most anyone else has is four pieces, and I’ve got five, which is pretty cool. ovo

Mum, Dad, Melissa, and my grandmother were all there which was really nice! :D And Jayden literally ran up a little after that too, which was also really nice. xD Turns out he pretty much fell down a hill on the way over, so he had a bit of an adventure getting there, aha. He wasn’t hurt or anything though, which is good. :o

I’m gonna try to post the stuff I had in the show here sometime if I can! :D 

I washed all my blankets today, and I washed sheets yesterday, so I was able to remake my bed with all clean stuff too! I’m glad I had the energy to do it, aha. ^-^

Anyway, I think I’m gonna go to bed for tonight! quq It’s already almost eleven, and I have to get up for school tomorrow, so sleep is probably a good plan. 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow, though! ^.^

Night guys! :D