I crashed really hard on the drive home from the run today. xD

Yeaaahh. Whoops. quq 

It wasn’t even as a result of running or anything either, it was so rainy out that we didn’t end up participating in the run itself in the end. :o We still showed up and made a donation, though, so that was good! ^^

I’ve pretty much been ready to sleep since like two PM in all honesty, though. x’D I’ve been laying in bed with my light off for the last probably half hour too, and I don’t really plan on being awake a whole lot longer. :o 

My head kinda hurts a bit anyway, honestly, so even if I wasn’t as sleepy as I am I probably would’ve still decided to go to bed around now, aha. ^^; I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night either, which probably doesn’t help, whoops. Ah well, though. xD

I think I am gonna just go to bed now, but I’ll definitely be back on again tomorrow! :o I’ll try to write more here then if I can. ^^

Night guys! :D