I wish I had one more day off before going back to school. xD

Yeaaahhh. xD I want another morning to sleep in, whoops. ;v; I had today off for Victoria Day, though, so that was something at least! :D

Melissa, Dad, and I were out on the four wheelers this morning, and we ended up discovering the path that leads to this old rail bridge near here! :o I’ve been trying to figure out how to get to it for a while, honestly, so that was a nice discovery. xD I took some pictures, but I think that the opposite side of the remains of the bridge would probably be better for pictures and overall adventuring to, since it looks like a much shorter walk on google maps and I think the concrete platform on that side is bigger and more open. :o 

So that was two hours of my morning! :D I worked on some drawing stuff this afternoon too, and I did up a cover letter for an application for the Canadian Tire in town, so today was pretty productive in the end! ^^

I’m kinda thinking I’m just gonna go to bed now, though, since I’ll have to get up pretty early tomorrow morning, ehhhh. quq

So I think I’m gonna go do that, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, so I’ll try to write more here then! ovo

Good night guys! :3