I smell like a mix of wood smoke, bug spray, and sweat. xD

Yeeep. xD I ended up in the woods from 1:30 straight through to a little after four in the end. 

What kinda gets me is I wasn’t even wearing bug spray, I had this clip-on thing I use at Dad’s which doesn’t really have a noticeable smell instead? So I’m really not sure why I smell like bug spray unless it rubbed off from Thomas or something, aha. 

Overall today was a really good day and I’m really happy about it! ^^ I even got to see Melanie today too, which was really nice, especially considering I haven’t seen her since the con in October. :o 

I was in the woods with Melanie and Thomas for LARP build day stuff for most of the time I was in the city, and then after that I ended up at Dairy Queen with Thomas and had ice cream there, and then we just went to his place and hung out there until my family arrived to pick me up. quq

I crashed so hard almost as soon as I left Thomas’s place though, I’ve been so ready for sleep since then and just ahhhhh. xD 

I work tomorrow too, which sorta sucks because my legs are gonna huuuurt, especially after working last night and being in the forest today, but I didn’t end up working today, so I’ll take it. :D I was technically supposed to work tonight I guess, but they didn’t tell me until eleven this morning and I was in Value Village a good hour and forty minutes away, so that didn’t work, and neither did Tuesday (since Dad’s taking Melissa and I to this thing for the airshow happening here on Wednesday, and on Tuesday they’re basically doing a VIP thing and we have tickets!) which was her next option, but now I’m working tomorrow instead! ;v; Which is definitely way better than today, so I’ll take that no problem. xD

Anyway, I’m exhauuuusted, so it’s time for bed. ;o; 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Good night guys! ^-^