I’m leaving to work my first seven hour shift soon. ;o;

Yeaaaah. ;v; I work from three to ten, and it’s two now, and I have to be there a little early to change garbage bags if they need changing anyway. quq 

I’m a little afraid of how my legs are gonna feel by the end of tonight, honestly. xD Tomorrow’s probably gonna be worse, since I’ll have worked the seven hours today and I’ll be going into another seven hour shift. 

I mean, it’s raining though, so maybe less people will be around wanting gas or anything? x’D 

I’ll be glad when Monday comes though, just so I have a break. :o 

I didn’t really have much time for myself today (at least so far, but the only time I’ll have for myself after work will be when I’m going to bed) since we went to town this morning to get some stuff, and then I have to go to work soon, so I haven’t even been able to look at the courses I have to do in order to work at the convenience store, so hopefully I have time tomorrow or something. uvu 

I just found out that Jonny is gonna be coming through town this afternoon too on his way to New Brunswick for a thing he’s gotta help at and he’s gonna stop in at work to see me too! :D So that’s really exciting, it definitely gives me something to look forward to and stuff too and I’m just really happy about it, I haven’t seen him in a long while and we hardly knew each other then. xD 

Anyway, I’ve gotta go finish getting ready for work, so I’m gonna stop writing here for today! D: 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow as usual, though! :D It’ll probably be about this time again, though, since I do work tomorrow. 

Bye guys! ^-^