It’s cold and windy and I really hope this means work will be quiet. xD

My legs hurt so bad last night and they probably haven’t recovered completely and just aaah. quq 

I did get to see Jonny though, which was really cool! :D I might get to see him on Saturday too on his way back through town again, so that’d be nice if it worked out. ^.^ 

In other news, I IDed a forty year old man last night. xD He took the ID back from me with this huge grin on his face and told me what year he was born, and when I started to say how I’m really new at this he immediately went “OH I’M NOT MAD, YOU JUST MADE MY DAY, I’M GONNA GO TELL MY WIFE HOW LUCKY SHE IS.” x’D 

And then super late into my shift I IDed a man who turned out to be balding, but in my defense he had a hood on and I couldn’t see that he was balding until I saw his ID, and the whole balding thing aside he didn’t look over twenty five. ;v;’ 

Neither of them had any problem giving me their ID though, so that was good, but I find it really funny how they’re definitely older than twenty five. xD 

Anyway, I have to keep getting ready for work since I’ll be leaving in like a half hour. quq 

So I’m gonna stop writing here for today, but I’ll be back on tomorrow for sure! ^^

Bye guys! :3