I got the creative part of my final yoga project done today! :D

Yeah! ^.^ I did this collage thing of pictures I have with my closest friends and from adventures I’ve had with them and stuff. :o 

And honestly that’s the most significant thing I did today? xD I had to print the pictures off, cut them out, place them in the frame and readjust them a whole bunch of times, and then cut out little squares of paper to write the dates, names and places for each picture to go on the back of the frame. 

I didn’t end up seeing Jonny today in the end, but ah well, timing just didn’t work out I’m guessing so it’s all good. ^^ 

Anyway, it’s really late now, so I should proooobably go to bed soon. quq So I think I’m gonna stop writing here for tonight! But I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure. uvu

Night guys! :D