I’m taking advantage of not having to stand for seven hours yet by standing as little as possible. xD

Yes. xD I have been kinda productive, though, so that’s good at least. :o I had a shower, did laundry, and put some food together for later tonight. It’s almost two now, though, so I have to leave for work soon, and just eeeehhh. quq 

I’m hoping it’s quieter today than it was last night, it was so busy last night and I didn’t get home until almost eleven and just AH. ;o; I even had someone come and try to get gas at like ten thirty, meanwhile the outside lights are off, the open sign is off, and the only lights on in the store are the “we’re closed but still need some light” ones. The pumps were halted so they didn’t get any gas, but still. ;v; We close at ten

The chair was back last night, though, so I had that to kneel on again which was nice (and meant less pain in my legs too). :o Hopefully it’s still there this weekend, otherwise I’m going to huuuuuurt. D: 

Anyway, I should keep getting ready for work, since it’s already after 1:50. quq So I’m gonna stop writing here for today! But I’ll be back on before work again tomorrow for sure. ^^

Bye guys! :D