I’m officially never attending another class at my high school again. :o

Yeah. o.o That’s really wild to think about, honestly? Like, it’s just exams left to do and then I’m done high school. ;v; 

I have my final chemistry exam tomorrow, and my geography exam on Friday, and that’s it! uvu I did my yoga exam today, so that’s out of the way now too. :o

I wish I’d worked less the past few days, though, because I ended up with hardly any time to study for my chemistry exam, and just ehhhh. quq I drew a blank on a bunch of stuff from the beginning of the semester that’s gonna be on it, and I’m just glad I switched shifts with Brayden at this point because otherwise I would’ve had essentially no time to study. qoq 

Anyway, it’s already quarter after ten, and honestly I’m tiiiiired, so I think I’m gonna go to bed really soon. ;o; So I’m gonna stop writing here for today, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :o

Night guys! :D