I'm basically completely done with high school now! o.o

Yesssss. :o I had my last exam today, so now it's just graduation stuff to get through and then I'm 100% finished! :D 

My geography exam went well today, it was pretty much just like a test but a little longer. xD A couple of people were done at like forty five minutes in, aha. 

I ended up at Dairy Queen with Jayden again today like we did on Tuesday, and we got ice cream, and a busload of little kids showed up at 11:30 again like what happened on Tuesday, and just ehhh. xD Ah well, though, we still got ice cream and were mostly done by the time the kids showed up anyway. uvu

Aaand in other news I gave the whole blog a big overhaul in terms of layout and appearance - it's still generally the same, but I changed where things are, took some stuff out, added some new stuff and changed the images! :D It's definitely been long overdue, aha. xD 

I'm just starting to kinda get ready for work now and stuff, since I work at six. ;o; I'm really hoping it's not gonna be super busy tonight, but it's really nice out so that's probably unlikely. quq I need to find something to eat before I leave, though, so I'm gonna stop writing here for today! 
I'll be back on again tomorrow before work, though. uvu

Bye guys! ^-^