I would've called into work today if there was literally anyone available to work for me. ;o;

But I'm the only one who can, because Bryce works this morning, Brayden's done at this point I'm pretty sure, and the only other guy who's trained to do evenings is on vacation. qoq

So I'm kinda just stuck. ;v; My shoulders and arms are still sore, and my leg is sore now from last night too, and just ahhhhh. I'm not looking forward to working today. 

I don't work again until Friday after today though, so that's good! But graduation stuff is all coming up this week too, so it's still gonna be busy, ehhh. ;o; 

Hopefully today isn't busy. quq 

In other news, I got two free sundaes out of working last night! :D A lady came in and asked for paper towel because she had a mess of ice cream in her car (and she had three kids in the back), and so she cleaned it up and came back in again with two sundaes and said I could have them because they were too messy, and they were obviously unopened and untouched so I ended up with two free sundaes out of it in the end! xD So that was nice. It sounds super sketchy but it's really not as bad as it sounds, I promise, I've seen the lady before and I could see her kids in the car and everything. 

Anyway, it's almost two now, and I work at three so I have to start getting ready for work. quq 

I'll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! ;o; 

Bye guys! ;v;