So I’ve graduated now! :D

Yeah! :o 

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had more pictures taken of me in my entire life. xD 

I graduated with the highest mark in art 12 and an honor cord (which I’m guessing I got because of my academic average? I’ve had a 92-93% average probably all year, and getting the honor cord because of that would make most sense), and I ended up receiving a total of $1750 in bursaries, and just aaaaaahhhh. quq 

I don’t technically have to go into school tomorrow for the last day since it’s just report cards and stuff for grades nine to eleven, but I’m going in anyway so I can see Jayden and hopefully some of my other friends, and probably visit some teachers too. ^^ 

Anyway, it’s getting pretty late so I should probably go to bed for tonight, especially since the past few nights have been late, and I ended up walking around town a little since I was hanging out with Jayden today, aaand I had to get up sorta early to be in town today at all, and I’m getting up sorta early tomorrow too. xD

I’ll be back on again tomorrow, though! ;o; I work six to ten though, so I’ll be on before I have to go to work. ^^

Night guys! :D