I saw Solo today! :D

Yes! uvu I enjoyed it, I thought it was a good movie which is a bit of a contrast to what I’ve heard from a couple of people, aha. xD 

Jayden came with Dad and Melissa and I too, which was really nice! :D We got to see my aunt and uncle for a couple of minutes too, since they were on their way home around the same time we were in that town. :o 

And that about sums my day up, honestly! It was pretty much just driving to and from home, seeing the movie, and seeing my aunt and uncle, aha. It was a good day though, I’m really happy about it. ^.^

I’m kinda just sleepy now though, honestly, so I think I’m gonna stop writing here for tonight. quq 

I’ll try to talk more here tomorrow! ;o; I’ll be on again then for sure. uvu

Night guys! ^-^