There’s fireworks in town and work is gonna be so busy tonight. qoq

Yeah. ;o; I’m noooot looking forward to it at all, especially since the fireworks are supposed to start at ten which is when I close, and so everyone’s gonna be coming in when I’m usually getting ready to close and just ehhhhh. ;-; 

I’m so tired from the last few days and how I’ve had to keep getting up early, and then from lack of sleep before that too when I only got something like two hours Wednesday night, and just ah. ;o; 

I have to start getting ready to go to work soon though, so I figured I’d write this now. ;v; I really don’t have the energy to talk a whole lot here today, though, so I think I’m just gonna stop now, and hopefully I have more energy tomorrow when I’m on again then. quq So I’ll be back on again tomorrow, and I’ll maybe have more written here then! 

Bye guys! ;o;