I’m so glad for the air conditioning at Mum’s. xD

It was really hot out again today, but we have two air conditioners here at Mum’s which is really nice, because it means we don’t just melt or anything. So tHANK GOD FOR THOSE. x’D 

I went through some dishes and towels and stuff to decide what I’m taking with me when I go to college in September, so that was good! :o This morning was pretty productive in the end because of it, and I got them all put in this trunk that I’ll be taking with me too, so they’re pretty much ready to go whenever. ^^

I miiiight be going to Thomas’s city tomorrow, but I’m not really sure if that’s happening yet or not? ;v;’ I’m waiting to hear back from Thomas to find out if he’s busy or not, if he’s busy I’m just gonna stay home, I think. quq

Anyway, Jayden is here, so I’m probably gonna stop writing here for tonight (I just figured I’d write this now while I had a chance, I’m pretty sure he fell asleep so it was a good opportunity to write something, aha), but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :D I’ll try to write more here then if I can. ^.^

Good night guys! uvu