I’m kind of wondering if I’m gonna have tomorrow evening’s shift sprung on me, honestly. quq

Yeeeah. qoq Because when Brayden quit he didn’t work a single shift his last two weeks, and now that my coworker Thomas is quitting too I’ve already picked up one of his shifts and it looks like he was supposed to work tomorrow night too, so ehhhh. ;v; Hopefully I don’t end up having to work, though, I’d rather find out a couple days in advance than find out same day or day before. ;o;

I’m just getting ready to head to work now too, actually! So I can’t really talk a whole lot here tonight or anything, which kinda really sucks. quq 

I think I’m gonna keep getting ready for now, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, so hopefully I can get more written then! uvu I’ll be on again then for sure either way. 

Bye guys! :o