Work last night was brutal. ;-;

It was busy and it barely slowed down the entire time, and I didn’t even get to actually get in the car to go home until quarter to eleven, and just ehhhh. ;-; 

I’ve been sore and tired all day, and just ah. ;o; 

I pretty much didn’t do anything today except for laundry, seeing the fireworks the neighbors did next door (it was one of their birthdays!), and going out on the four wheelers with Dad and Melissa this morning. quq Otherwise, I just played Breath of the Wild. 

I’d love to talk more here tonight, but I’m running out of battery and it’s starting to get sorta late anyway, so I should probably sleep soon. ;o; 

I’ll try to write more tomorrow, though! ;v; I’ll be on again then for sure either way. 

Good night guys! ^^