I spent like $130 on art supplies for college today. xD

Yeeeeah. xD I forgot just how expensive art stuff can get. I got a whole bunch of stuff though, and I’ve got a really good start on what’s written on the list they gave me, so that’s good! :o 

In other news, I’m home now! uvu And hoooly crap, I’m so sleepy, aha. ;v;’ I wish I didn’t work tomorrow so I could have more of a rest before working four days in a row, but ah well I guess. ;o; 

I think I am gonna go to bed now though, it’s getting kinda late again and I neeed to sleep. quq 

I’ll be on again tomorrow before work, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write or anything, but it’ll be something at least! ^^

Night guys! ovo