So I guess I’m writing my full license on Tuesday? xD

Yeaaaaah. quq It’s literally the only available time before I have to move for college, I guess? So that’s coming up SUPER FAST, I only have six of the ten hours of driving time I’m supposed to get with the instructor so far too, so we’re going driving again tomorrow (which I feel bad about because I think he was hoping to take tomorrow off) and probably Monday too by the sounds of it! ;o; 

So hopefully that goes well. ;v; I’m not even sure if it’s in town yet, honestly, because according to the instructor the earliest they were booking appointments for people to write their fulls was September fourth (which doesn’t work for me at all because that’s kind of the day I move, whoops) and we were talking about having me do it in a neighboring town or something. :o 

So I’m not really 100% sure what’s going on yet! But I mean, I have a date and a time now, so that’s something at least. xD

Anyway, I need to finish getting ready for work and stuff, so I have to stop writing here for today. I’ll be back on again tomorrow afternoon before work, though! :o 

Bye guys! ^-^