I went to the dentist today and they didn’t tell me when my next appointment is? xD

Soooo I have absolutely no idea when that’s gonna be yet! Which might be an issue, aha. x’D Dad’s gonna try to find out when he takes the insurance papers back that he has to sign for them, though, so I should find out then? 

I didn’t really do a whole lot today except go to the dentist and my doctor’s appointment, honestly. quq Melissa and I ended up at the dentist at quarter to twelve since our appointments were at twelve, but I didn’t get in until probably around twelve thirty-ish, and she didn’t get in until after one and so we didn’t get back home until almost two, and just ah. ;o; 

So that was today’s adventure! Tomorrow’s adventure is pretty much just packing, honestly. quq

I should go to bed pretty soon though since it’s after eleven already, and I might have to help Mum and Melissa move this chest that I’m taking with me when I move too before Mum goes to work. 

So I think I’m gonna do that! ;o; 

But I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure. uvu

Night guys! :D