I have all of tomorrow afternoon off and I’m so happy about it. xD

Yessss. :D It means I can go into town and do stuff, which is good, especially considering I have no idea where anything is yet? :o 

I was in town for a little bit earlier with two of the friends I’ve made here, Jenny and Gabrielle, and we got a little lost but we figured things out. xD We also almost got hit by a truck? Like one of the big ones with the trailer with the other cars and stuff on it. quq We were stopped at a light and this truck started turning into our street and ended up halfway in our lane, I had to turn towards the sidewalk so he wouldn’t hit me. ;o; He didn’t slow down or stop or anything, he didn’t even look at me according to Jenny and Gabrielle either, and just aaaaah. ;v; 

I’ve also discovered that the internet here is not so great, random things seem to be blocked so far and I can’t use Discord to call or anything, but Skype works (as Jayden and I discovered earlier after Discord didn’t work, that’s maybe why I’m writing so late too because we talked for almost an hour and forty minutes in the end, aha)? And I guess games and stuff just don’t work on the wifi here either, which suuucks. quq

Anyway, I really need to go to bed now since it’s almost midnight, ehhhh. D: 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Good night guys! ^.^