I’m still getting lost when I try to go places here, but it’s a work in progress. xD

Today a group of my friends and I walked an hour and a half to this thing with food trucks and live music, because we walked the opposite way we were originally supposed to, and then the speakers for the band were bad and crackley and the food trucks were kinda expensive (and we weren’t really hungry anyway?), so that was kinda a bust in the end, whoops. ;v;’ We got ice cream on the way back to campus though, so that was something at least! 

I drove around town a little bit earlier too, and I got some stuff I needed and bought an eshop gift card so I could buy Okami for my switch, so today was pretty productive overall! :o 

Anyway, I’m gonna call Jayden before I sleep, and it’s already after eleven so I should probably go do that now. uvu 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow though! I’ll be on again then for sure. ^.^

Night guys! ovo