I got lost for an hour and forty minutes today. qoq

Yeah. ;-; My life drawing class ended up in the park near here this morning, and I had to leave early because I had an appointment with student services to talk about my ex-friend since he’s here  and doing the same stuff he was doing when we were in highschool at the same time, so I left the park at 11:20 but I got lost and didn’t get back to campus until like one, and just aaaah. ;o; 

I’m exhausted. qoq It’s not even nine PM yet, and honestly I’m just doing what I usually do to get ready for bed now, and I’m gonna go to sleep pretty soon I think. quq 

I don’t really have the energy to say anything else today, honestly, so I think I’m just gonna stop talking for today. ;v; 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow! 

Night guys. ;o;