It’s only nine thirty but I think I’m just gonna go to bed. ;-;

My appointment today really didn’t go the way I hoped it would (she basically said they won’t do anything but set my ex-friend and I up in a room with the residence co-ordinator to talk which would be a panic attack waiting to happen for me, because he’s not hurting me physically or threatening me). I pretty much just don’t feel like being here right now, when I got out of my appointment I just went right to my car and I left and I didn’t come back for three hours. ;-; I’m probably gonna visit home this weekend just to get away from everything, unless there’s something I have to do on campus. 

I’m kind of just exhausted now, honestly. There’s more to say about it all, but I just don’t have it in me right now to talk any more than this. ;o; It sucks. It pretty much seems like everyone agrees with my perspective unless they’re in a position of power. :/ 

Anyway, I think I am just gonna go to bed for tonight now. 

I’ll hopefully have a little more energy tomorrow, so I’ll try to talk more here then. 

Night guys. ;v;