I have my second appointment with student services tomorrow! ;o;

Yes. qoq My aunt is actually coming down from the city to come with me, which is really nice of her! ;v; So that’s good. They’ll have to take me more seriously with her there, because she works at my college, just on a different campus, so she knows what is and isn’t against policy. :o 

On an unrelated note, I spent most of tonight in the lounge trying to work on assignment stuff and messing around with some of my friends! :D I’ve made friends with this guy here that knows Thomas and Owen (who is going here turns out! I mentioned him a long while back after my first con, I’ve seen him and talked to him a little at both cons I’ve been to, but we talked more the first year), his name is Aidan and I can’t believe I forgot to mention him before now? x’D He and I have turned out to be pretty similar people so far, which is really cool. He’s pretty much the giggliest man I’ve ever met in my entire life and it’s the best. :D 

It’s after eleven thirty now, though, and I’m really tired. qoq So I should probably go to sleep, as much as I’d like to keep talking about stuff here. quq 

I’ll definitely be back on again tomorrow, though! :o

Night guys! ^.^