I knocked Al to the GROUND today. xD

YES. :D 

A bunch of my friends and I were coming back from supper, and we stopped at Jenny’s room for a minute, and then when we left Al and Aidan were way further down the hall than I was, so I ran to catch up, and Al turned around and put an arm out like he was gonna stop me. And usually I’d expect people to move their arm out of the way, right? But he didn’t and I hit his arm and just STOPPED STANDING and dropped all of my weight at once and he wasn’t expecting it and I dropped him to the ground even though he’s almost literally triple my weight and at least a foot taller than me. x’D

And later after that, before I started writing this, I get a text from Aidan saying he’s going to kill Al with death noodles and didn’t give any further explanation? xD He didn’t even specify which Alex he meant of the two that we know here so I wasn’t sure if he meant Al, or Alex in my year until he showed up with this big cup of ramen and took it over to Al, and he mixed it with some sort of sauce or something which was reeeeally spicy. :o Al was actually shaking by about halfway through, but he still managed to finish it? xD 

And on an unrelated note, I had my second appointment with student services today, and my aunt came in with me, so that was good! :o It went better than last time, but it still wasn’t ideal. But I think things will be done now! :D Which is absolutely entirely because my aunt was there. 

My aunt also introduced me to the head of security here, whose name is Ed, and we told him what was going on and everything, and he wanted me to describe my ex-friend, so I started describing him but I didn’t get past hair and glasses before Ed finished it for me. x’D I guess my ex-friend locked himself out of residence yesterday and Ed had to let him back in? 

And I was telling Ed about how when Al and Aidan and I were talking to the people my ex-friend has been sitting with to let them know about what’s going on with me and him and make sure they know he’s not a good guy, they weren’t surprised and told me they got bad vibes from him, and Ed immediately goes “yeah I got bad vibes from him too.” So you know it’s bad when head of security even gets bad vibes from him. :o 

And that’s the most significant stuff that happened today, I think? ovo It’s been an eventful day, aha. xD 

It’s almost midnight now though, so I think I’m gonna go to bed. quq

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Night guys! ^-^