I’m nineteen in less than a week. ;o;

That’s wild to think about, honestly? :o It both does and doesn’t feel like that’s how old I should be, if that makes any sense, aha. xD

I didn’t really do anything significant today! ;v;’ It was just classes and stuff really, I forgot my water bottle in class today and I have access after hours to one of the buildings I have classes in so I walked through the pouring rain with Alex to get there and find out my water bottle isn’t in that building, which suuucks. quq So hopefully it’ll be on the table of the classroom in the other building! And then I drove Aidan, Tori, and second year Alex to Burger King, and after that I sketched out an assignment, and that about sums up my whole day, honestly! xD

I’m pretty much just going to bed now I think, it’s after eleven and I’m tiiiiired. quq

So I think I am just gonna go to bed for tonight! But I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure, and I’ll hopefully have more to say here then. uvu

Night guys! :o