I found a Bulbasaur plushie today! :D

Yessss! ^.^ Aidan, Tori, Alex and I went to a couple of really cute little stores that had a whole bunch of plushies and stuff, and the first one we went to had a bunch of pokemon ones, and I found a really good Bulbasaur there! :o 

Before Alex, Aidan and I met up with Tori we went to the candy store in the city too, and I ended up spending like $25 there, aha. xD 

And then we met up with Tori at this little cafe that has tons of board games, and you pay $5 and you can play whatever you want for as long as you want, which was really cool! :o They had snacks and stuff there too, I had a big soft pretzel there that was really good. 

Aidan and I are back on campus now, we’re gonna watch Wolf Children before we go to bed, I’m just waiting for him to be ready to watch it now. ^^ So that’ll be really good too! 

Overall, today’s been a really good day. :o

I think I’m gonna get off for today now though, so I can finish sorting the stuff I got out before I watch the movie with Aidan! uvu I’ll definitely be on again tomorrow, though.

Night guys! :D