My feet and legs don’t hurt at all after working today! :D

Yes! :D I finally got my new insoles broken in, so that’s really good. ^^

I got my work schedule for the rest of August too, and so I know what I’m working between now and when I’m done on the 29th, so that’s good too! :o It makes everything a lot easier to figure out, time-wise and money-wise.

I’m just getting ready for bed now, and I think I’m gonna get off for today now too! quq I’m really sleepy and I have to get up for work again tomorrow, so I’m probably better off going to sleep sooner rather than later, aha. xD

So I am gonna sleep for tonight now, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, and I’ll try to write more here then! ^-^

Good night guys! :o