I think I might have to move to Weebly or start posting entries there AND here. quq

Yeaaah, this blog vanished again yesterday and I had to contact support again to get it back again. ;o; 

It’s not fully set up yet, but you can find my Weebly blog at https://rikuo.weebly.com

I was hoping to stay here, but after yesterday I’m not so sure anymore. qoq I’m kind of considering double posting my entries (so posting here AND weebly), that way everything would still be in one place (assuming this blog stays up), but if it goes down again I still have access to any new entries. 

Well, either way, I’ll still be writing entries. quq If I’m not here, you can find me on the Weebly I linked above, or under the username MaiCometShard pretty much anywhere. ;v; 

For now I think I’m going to tentatively say I’ll post to both places, but if things change I’ll post an update. I’ll post yesterday’s entry here for consistency once I’m on my laptop again tomorrow. ;o;

Anyway, I’m really tired, I was up until 1am in the end last night figuring things out with this blog again and then I was working on my animation test all day. So I think I’m gonna stop writing here for tonight now, but I’ll (hopefully) be back on here again tomorrow. quq 

Good night guys! ;o;