I did a bunch of drawing for Art Fight preparation today! :D

Yeah! :D I did some yesterday too, so I’ve put a nice dent in the stuff I wanted to get done. :o I still have a bunch I’d like to do yet, but I’ve gotten refs done for a couple characters now, which is really good! ^^

So that was most of my day! :o Besides that I played Mario Kart with Dad and Melissa this afternoon, and we went to Amanda’s parents’ place for supper this evening. 

Aaand that was my day, pretty much! ovo 

I’m just getting ready for bed now, it’s really late and I’ll have to be up early for work tomorrow. quq

So I think I’m gonna stop writing here for today now! uvu I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I’ll try to write more here then! 

Good night guys! ^^