AAAAAHH. ;U; I mean, I still have to finish the rest of my portfolio and turn that in before I'm considered or anything, but I did the actual application part today and sent that in, and just aaah. xD
I turn eighteen in less than two months now too, and that's really weird to think about too, like whaaat, hOW. ;o;
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but I'm kind of just really tired, so I think I'm gonna lay down and maybe watch a youtube video before I go to bed. .3. Either way I'm probably not gonna be awake a whole lot longer, aha. ;u;'
But I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, and I'll try to write more here then! ^.^
Night guys! :D

I've been hanging out with Nick since like almost one forty five this afternoon. xD

Yesss. xD It's just after eleven now, aha. He came over to my place to meet my kittens and stuff, and we ended up talking about a whole lot of different things, which was nice! :D 
He reeeally tired out Stella and Solar by playing with them too, it was kind of hilarious ahaha~ x'D 
I still have some homework to do, but I think I can get it done on my free class tomorrow, so it's okay. ^^
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but I want to write some notes on my English sheet so I know exactly what I have to write tomorrow, so I think I'm gonna go do that before I go to bed! :o

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then! ^-^
Good night guys! :3

Drawings hands is hard, but drawing realistic hands is harder. xD

I'm not great at drawing realistically to begin with, ehhhhhh. xD But I had to do three drawings of my hand for my portfolio, and I'm actually pretty happy with how they came out, so that's something at least! :D I still have a bunch more realistic stuff to do, though, which is gonna kinda suck, but I'm gonna do my best with it. .3.
I have an off class last tomorrow, so that's good! ^-^ I might be getting Nick to come over to my place, or going over to his place or something tomorrow, so hopefully that all works out too. owo
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's already almost nine thirty, so I have to get off for tonight. quq
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :o I'll definitely try to get more written here then if I can.
Night guys! uvu

I got asked to work tonight, but I didn't have a drive there so I couldn't. ;u;

Yeah. ;u; Mum and Dad were both still working, so I didn't have a drive there, and my uniform was at Mum's anyway. It was after four when I got called, though, so it makes me wonder if whoever was supposed to work didn't show up or something? :o I dunno, though.
It's not so great that I couldn't work, since I need the money, but on the upside it means I'll hopefully get called in from time to time between now and when they need me regularly again. uvu
I played Mario Party for the firdt time today! xD I played with Nick, Zack from my chemistry class, and Ellie, who's one of the international students! :o It was a lot of fun, ahaha~ ewe We started out playing Mario Kart, but it took ten minutes to load at first, and we played one race but we ended up just giving up since it kept taking a while to load and stuff. 030
I got a couple things done for my portfolio today, too! :D So that's good. I still have a bunch of stuff to do, but I'm getting there. ^^
During lunch today, when Grahm and I were sitting in the stairwell we usually sit in during lunch, this guy in my sister's grade walked up the stairs but before he was visible he just yELLED AS LOUD AS HE POSSIBLY COULD'VE and then he couldn't understand why Grahm and I didn't laugh and why we weren't happy about it. :/ He's not really a great guy at all, I've heard a lot about him and nobody I've heard stuff from really thinks he's a good person, either. I just looked him dead in the eye with a really straight face, and he started yelling "EVIL LOOK!! DEMON!!! EVIL!! DEMON!!!!!" over and over and just uuugggggh. .-.
I have an appointment with guidance to talk about college stuff, though, so I'll probably bring what happened up then, because I feel like he's just gonna get punched eventually, I don't really know who I think would do it, but someone's bound to get fed up eventually. .3. And it suuuucks to have to be around someone who won't leave you alone, either, so I wanna get it taken care of for my sister and her friends. I figure if guidance brushes me off, though, I'll get Grahm to go, and then if they brush him off I'll get Melissa and her friends to all go in individually too, because if enough people talk to the guidance counsellor about it eventually they'll hopefully do something about it. uvu
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight if I could, but my battery's kind of dying, and it's after nine PM anyway, so I have to get off for tonight. .3.
I'll definitely be on tomorrow, though! :D
Good night, guys! :3

I'm making some magnets, but I didn't really think it through. xD

Yeaaaahhhh. x'D I've been cutting all the paper for them (and my English homework, too, since I had to print stuff off to customize a duotang) and the magnet sheet on my bed, whoooops.
Ah well though, I'll clean it up before I go to bed! .3. Which will probably be really soon, since it's late, and I have school tomorrow. ;u;
I'm gonna play Mario Kart with Nick and this guy, Zach, who's in my chemistry class when we have our free class tomorrow! :D So that's gonna be fun. ewe
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it is really late, and I wanna finish these magnets before I go to bed, so I think I'm gonna get off for tonight and go do that. qoq
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! X3 I'll try to get more written here then. owo
Good night guys! ewe

All I can hear is Stella and Solar running around. xD

Yeppp. xD They're running up and down the hall and in the living room, they're probably wrestling or something, ahaha.
I spent most of today drawing again! :o And I worked tonight, too. Tonight was probably my last shift for a while though, which isn't really great, but on the upside I'll have a little more time for my portfolio and stuff! uvu
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's really late, and I'm tired. quq So I think I'm gonna go to bed.
Buuut I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, and I'll be on again then for sure! :o
Good night guys! uvu

I got another piece of art for my portfolio mostly done today! :D

Yeah! ^.^ I got the storyboard I had to do almost finished, I just have to finish lining the last panel and then I'm done. :3
I spent another couple of hours on the drawing I've been working on for the past couple of days today, too! :o I don't think I'm even halfway done yet, but I'm getting there, and I'm really happy with it so far! X3
I'm probably gonna keep working on that, and finish the storyboard too, before I go to work tomorrow. uvu
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's really late, so I should probably go to bed. D:
I'll try to get more written here tomorrow! ;o; I'll definitely be on again then.
Night guys! :o