Burning stuff to blank CDs is slightly more challenging than I thought. xD

Yeaaah. xD I’m trying to burn stuff to one before I go to bed, but it’s telling me I’m over the time limit when I’m not? :o I don’t really know what’s up, ehhh. quq

It’s getting pretty late, so I’m gonna give it one more go before I go to bed for tonight I think. ;v; 

So I think I’m gonna go do that! ^^; It’s really late now, though, so I wanted to get this done first. ;o; 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow for sure! I’ll definitely be on again then. ^^

Good night guys! :o

I had a little more energy today than I did yesterday! xD

Yes! xD That’s definitely something, aha. I didn’t do a whole lot today either though, just groceries and church since Melissa had to help out, and visiting our grandmother to bring her some stuff since she’s got a pretty bad cold. ;v; 

I am proobably going driving tomorrow, though! :o Assuming the weather is okay, anyway. Dad’s gonna come pick me up here in my car so I can try driving it as long as the roads aren’t bad (it’s supposed to snow tonight, I guess?), so that’ll be good. ^^

Anyway, it’s really late, and my sleep schedule is getting messed up now that I’ve been off school for a week, but school starts again on Monday so now I have to fix my sleep schedule, whoops. xD Sooo I should probably go to bed. 

But I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D I’ll try to write more here then. uvu

Night guys! ^-^

My head felt really weird earlier. ;o;

Yeaaaah. qoq It was an almost dizzy feeling? But not quite outright dizzy. I dunno, it was more just off-balance than anything, it was super weird, ehhhh. quq 

And then I was sorta almost headachy for a while, but it wasn’t really an outright headache either? ;v; I dunno what I’m going through. It might be because I’m tired, though? Either way I’m not staying up a whole lot later. 

Today was better than yesterday was, but I didn’t eat well again today because my appetite is just nonexistent, and I barely even left my room, ehhh. I did my best, though. ;u;

I think I’m gonna get off for tonight now though, since I am pretty tired and my head is still a little weird. D: 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow, though! I’ll be on again then for sure. ;v; 

Night guys! :o

I only really felt sort of awake for maybe an hour or two today. qoq

Yeah. ;o; I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all, and that pretty much stuck with me just about the whole day. ;-; 

I kinda only did things because I had to, I was just so out of energy and just ehhhh. My mind started overthinking things last night and I ended up awake until one AM by mistake and it was all just sorta downhill from there. .-. 

I feel a little better now, but still really tired and overall still kinda bleh. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. D:

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but like I said I’m kinda just really out of energy and I think I’m just gonna stop talking for today. quq 

I’ll be on again tomorrow, though, so I’ll try to get more written here then. 

Good night guys. ;o;

I don’t think I’ve fully recovered sleep-wise from camp yet, aha. xD

Yeaaaahhh. ;v;’ I haven’t been able to sleep in a whole lot yet or anything, I slept in yesterday a little but I was up at seven this morning to go to another town with Mum and Melissa. quq 
I bought another copic marker, a different brand of white pen than the brand of the two I bought when I was in the city, and another frame for my prints and stuff. :o Soooo I’m basically broke in terms of what’s in my actual wallet, but that’s okay, ahaha. xD
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it’s late and I’m tired, so I think I’m just gonna go to bed. ;o; 
I’ll try to write more here tomorrow! :o I’ll be on again then for sure. 
Night guys! ;v;


YES. ;o; 

So I figured I should really get this written now. ;v; 

I had a dentist appointment today that I totally forgot about until this morning, so that kinda sucked. D: I thought I was getting two fillings, then they said three while I was there, then there was four on the bill and just ah. xD 

It’s all done now though, which is nice. ;u; 

I’m still tired from camp, and my legs are still kinda sore, but ehhh, it’s fine. uvu

Anyway, I wanna make sure I get this posted in case the power goes out, since the cell service here is really bad. :o So I think I’m gonna post this and get ready for bed so I don’t have to do that in the dark, aha. xD 

I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! ^.^ I’ll try to write more here then. 

Night guys! :D

It’s been a RIDE of a weekend and I’m a weird mix of emotions. xD

YES. xD I’m sad because I left camp today and I can’t go back again as a student (buuut volunteering is an option which is definitely something!), and I had to leave my friends too. quq Everyone left rEALLY FAST this year and I didn’t get to say goodbye to my roommate Kylie, or Destiny, and I almost didn’t get to say goodbye to my other roommate Catherine or Rory either. ;v; I did get to say goodbye to Aiden without him almost leaving though, but only because he’s staying another two days for whatever reason? xD

And I mean I’m happy that I went and stuff too, and that I made friends with Aiden, who’s a regular at the camp and I’ve interacted with him a little before but not a lot before this year. :o And I reconnected with Rory and Destiny, and made friends with Kylie and Catherine too! 

Aaaaand I’m sorta just a complete mix of confusion and shock (mostly shock now though?) because I got home to Dad’s and he took Melissa and I into the garage and SURPRISE, THERE’S AN ENTIRE OTHER VEHICLE HERE. 

And so I have a car now? xD Which is super unexpected but really cool, aha. The only thing wrong with it is this big crack in the windshield from a rock chip that SPLIT right across it but I think Dad’s gonna get that replaced. :o It’s an ‘06 and the stereo doesn’t have any way to connected my phone to it at all, just radio/CD/your basic stuff, but I have a ton of CDs so it’s fine. ^^ I think Dad wants to get some used stereo thing, though, which would also be cool. xD

Anyway, I’m sorta just out of words for what I wanna say tonight at this point, whoops. ;v;’ I’m kinda just really tired, aha. So I think I’m gonna go to bed for tonight, but I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Good night guys! ^^