It was pouring rain all day but I still got to go see Thomas! :D

Yeah! ^.^ The drive there wasn’t too bad, but the beginning of the drive home was on and off bad enough I almost pulled over a couple times. quq That stopped once I was a bit out of the city though, so that was really good.

I was only able to go up for a couple hours, I spent almost the same amount of time driving there and back as I did with Thomas in the end, and I would’ve stayed longer if there wasn’t a risk of freezing rain. quq It was still a really good trip though, I’m really glad I was able to go! ^^ 

Thomas’s cousin Coady was there too, and we pretty much were just watching Thomas scramble around to get LARP gear together before he had to go to work before the actual LARP event, aha. xD

Ideally I would’ve liked to have gone to the mall and hung out a little more with Thomas during the beginning of his shift, but with the freezing rain risk I had to go home once he had to leave for work. quq 

Ah well though, I’m really hoping I can take another trip up for a couple of days on March break anyway, so it hopefully won’t be tooooo long before I see him again. :o

I’m just laying in bed now, and I think I wanna play a little Fire Emblem before I go to bed, so I think I’m gonna get off for today! ;o; 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! ^^

Good night guys! :D

Tomorrow’s gonna be really busy in a good way. xD

For the most part, anyway! :D 

I have a car appointment at ten tomorrow morning since my power steering fluid is leaking, but then after that I’m heading down to Thomas’s city for a while, I think! :o So that’ll be really good, I haven’t seen him since December, and it’s his birthday on Sunday too. ^^ It’s a good opportunity to be able to go too, since I have a long weekend.

So it’s gonna be a lot of driving and I’m not even sure what I’m doing for food yet, but it’s gonna be worth it, aha. xD

I’m home now until probably Monday morning too! :o Sunday is Mum’s birthday (and Thomas’s too), so that’s gonna be busy with birthday stuff for her, and I’m gonna have to do a lot of laundry, and I have a couple other things I should probably do too, but we’ll see how my time goes. xD

Anyway, it’s getting kinda late, and I’m really tired and I’m starting to fall asleep a little bit, so I think I’m gonna get off for today! :o 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow, though! :D

Night guys! ^.^

Aidan took me out for supper tonight! :D

Yeah! ;v; We went to the sushi place here, but then they were full of reservations until seven so we made a reservation for then, and then we went to the mall for a bit! :o 

I haven’t had any of the food I had tonight before, but it was all really good! :D 

He gave me a stuffed dog and some chocolate too, and just ahhhhhh. quq

And I got to see Grahm for a bit today, too! He was in town for an appointment, and I got to see him once I got out of character design class. ovo He got to meet Allie, Olivia and Aidan too, since they and Gabrielle (who’s met Grahm before from over the break when Grahm and Jayden and I went up to where she lives outside of college)! So that was really good too! 

Overall, today was a really, really good day, and I’m really happy. :’D 

I’m just getting ready for bed now though, so I’m gonna get off for today, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :o I might be going home tomorrow, but it might end up being Saturday I go home instead too, I’m not sure yet. 

Either way, I’ll be on again then! 

Good night guys! :D

I got all my work done for this week! :D

Yes! ^.^ 

Classes were cancelled today because of the weather, so I was able to spend today working on the last assignment I had due for this week. 

And on a separate good note, Aidan and I are dating now! :o 

I don’t think I ever really mentioned having feelings for him here though? xD But I have for a while and we’ve been pretty much unofficially dating for a little over a month, but we just made it official last night. It’s still a little weird to process, I’m used to things being the way they are between us since it’s been a little bit, but putting the label with it is new. :o I’m happy, though! Things are really good. 

He’s been talking about taking me out somewhere to eat for Valentines Day tomorrow, so we’re probably going to be doing that tomorrow. ^^ 

I could probably talk for a whiiiile about everything, but it’s getting late and I should really probably just go to bed, aha. xD 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! I’ll try to talk more here then. ^^

Good night, guys! :D