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My throat feels slightly better today, so that's good! :D

Yeah! owo It still feels a little weird, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get rid of it completely soon. ^.^ 

I'm gonna have to work on catching up on what I still have to do for film and video class this week, since the due date for everything up until day twenty eight of the course is next Wednesday. .3. I dooon't think I have a ton left to do, though, as far as stuff to do with the camera I think I just have two assignments, and I have one that I have to record my voice for, but other than that I just have written assignments, I think! uvu

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's already after eight thirty, and I'm writing from my iPad anyway, so I can't write much more here to begin with, ehh. D: I'm watching stuff on tv with Dad and Melissa too, and I have to get off anyway, so I think I'm gonna stop writing here for tonight. ;u;' 

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D I'll try to get more written here then. ^^ And I'll finally try to be able to write about camp then too, if I can! xD

Good night guys! :3


YEAH. ;U; I'm pretty sure I'm borderline having another cold again, ehhhhh. D: 

So far it's pretty much just my throat though, so I mean that's something. .3. I took cold medication for it tonight, so hopefully that kinda kicks it, aha. xD

I kinda can't really write about camp here tonight either, because it's already almost nine PM, and I have to go to bed for tonight. qoq

I haven't been on my laptop today at all, but I'm probably gonna be tomorrow, since I have a piece of art to save, and probably one to upload too, so I'll try to remember to write about camp here then! uvu

Either way though, I have to get off for tonight, ehhh. ;u; I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D I'll try to get more written here then. ^^

Good night guys! :3

Dad's been working basically all day. ;o;

Yeah. D: He hasn't had much break at all, and he had to do work for a bunch of yesterday, too. ;u; He hasn't really had much of a weekend, ehhh. 

Because he's working, I can't write for too long here tonight, since I'm not sure if he's gonna have any more work to do once he's done in the shower, so I can't write about camp here tonight. .3. I'll try to tomorrow if I can, though! owo

I did like half of my owed art today, so that was good! :D I'm gonna try to get the rest done this week if I can, but I'm really not sure if that'll happen or not, since I have to get all caught up on film and video class stuff for the fifth. .3. Ah well though, hopefully that doesn't take me too long! ^^ 

I'm just kinda drawing in my sketchbook now, I wanted to do more drawing with my copic markers and that faber-castell one I've got, so I'm drawing Lymph. :3 I'm really hoping that coloring it isn't gonna screw it up, though, because I really like how it's coming out so far. xD

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but I don't wanna take too long writing in case Dad does have to do more work, so I think I'm gonna get off for tonight. D: 

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! X3 I'll try to be able to tell you guys about camp then if I can, aha. xD

Night guys! ewe

Dad has to do work so I don't think I can write about camp here tonight. .3.

Yeah.. 030 I haven't really had much time to do anything online today, though, because Melissa, Dad and I all went bowling earlier, and we left home around eleven and didn't get back until like three, and then Dad had to do work, and now it's almost five forty five. :o I'm pretty much just supposed to write this, so then once Dad gets the orders for the work he has to do, he won't have to wait for me to get off the internet, since he's gonna need it to do his work. uvu 

Bowling today was fun, though! :D Afterwards, we stopped at this gas station thing to get pop for all of us. :3 Melissa and I went in for it, while Dad stayed in the car, and before we paid I saw a guy that works there doing something with the hot drink dispenser thing, and then after we paid and were just about to leave, he said "hey, wait a minute, do either of you like hot chocolate?" and then after I said yes, he pointed to a cup on the counter, and asked us how it tasted. owo I can't drink hot drinks as soon as they're made, though, since they're too hot and when they're like that I basically can't taste anything but the temperature, so Melissa was the one to try it, and after she told him it tasted good he said "it's yours."! :D Melissa's not that big on hot chocolate though, so I got to keep it in the end, aha~ xD 

So that was really cool, and I got free hot chocolate! ewe I'm really happy about it, ahaha. X3

Anyway, I don't want to spend too long writing here tonight, since Dad's gonna have to do work any minute now, so I think I'm gonna stop writing here for tonight now. ;u; 

I'll be on again tomorrow, though, and I'll do my best to be able to tell you guys about camp then! ^.^

Bye guys! :D

It feels more like a Tuesday than a Friday because of how many snow days there was this week. xD

Yeah. x'D I mean, I have no complaints that it's Friday, it just reeeally doesn't feel like a Friday, but rather like a Monday or Tuesday or something, aha. :o

I'm kiiiinda writing from my iPad again tonight, because I spent most of my afternoon after school playing Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker on my 3DS, whoooops. xD I haven't even taken my laptop out of my bag yet, honestly. ^^; 

I think I'm gonna at least try to get some of my owed art done this weekend though, so I'm gonna do my best to remember to write from my laptop again, so I can finish telling you guys about camp! :D 

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's already after nine PM, and I'm tired, so I think I'm just gonna go read Pokemon Adventures, since I'm starting to really slowly catch up on that again. .3.

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though! :3 I'll be on again then for sure! ^.^

Night guys! X3


YEAH! ewe Supper's ready, though, so I'm not sure if I'll get everything I want to say written here tonight, partially because I might forget something, whoops. xD

Anyway, I feel like I made more friends this year at March break camp than I have in a few years! :D I reconnected with Rory, who I met last year, and exchanged iMessages with but then when I got home, I discovered his didn't work so I couldn't talk to him. 030 But I have a working iMessage for him now, so that's good! ^^ He's really cool, he rememered me too which I was kinda surprised about! :o He was also to the same con I was at in September, and just aaaahhh, I wish I'd known it was him there because I could've talked to him, aha. xD 
One of my roommates this year was also at the con! :o Her name is Destiny, and she's really cool too. :3 She really likes Pokemon too! Her, Bree, Melissa and I didn't really talk much until like the last night we were there though, because we all kinda felt really awkward about it, but then I'd been talking to her a little that day because both she and I were hanging out with Rory that afternoon. xD

I ended up kinda friends with this other guy, David, who was hanging out with Destiny and Rory too! :o I don't know much about him, though, honestly, aha. x'D
I didn't end up reconnecting with Cody at all, the only time we interacted at all was the first night, when I said "hi" and he said hi back. .3. Ah well though, I think I'm pretty okay with it, honestly!

I made friends with this other guy named Alasdair, too, and he's really cool and funny! :D He commented on my Blink-182 sweater, and my Rise Against hat, and at first he thought they were a Nirvana sweater and a Green Day hat, but either way it was bands he liked, which was cool! xD We have a similar taste in music I think, and he also likes Barns Courtney, which was super unexpected, since Barns Courtney isn't really that well known. :o 

Alasdair's kinda super high energy all the time, which was kind of hilarious, and it turns out he knows Jack, this other guy I went to camp with when I met Thomas, Justin, Jordan and Christene! :3 He also knows Thomas's friends Jade and Terryn, and when I asked him if he knew Jade he got super excited and just kind of yelled "JADE!!!!! I KNOW JADE!!!!!" x'D

Anyway, that's definitely not everything I wanna say, so I'm gonna try and say everything I haven't said tonight tomorrow if I can, because I'm really hungry and I kinda just really want to go eat, whoops... xD
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D And I'll try to finish telling you guys about camp then if I can! :3

Bye guys! ^.^



I'm hoping there's not gonna be school tomorrow, since we're supposed to get a bunch of snow, so maybe if I don't have school tomorrow and I actually remember, I'll try to get tomorrow's entry written earlier than usual tomorrow afternoon! x'D If I don't remember or I do have school, I'll hopefully remember to write from my laptop tomorrow evening anyway, ahaha~ :3 

Anyway, I wish I could write more than that here tonight, but it's late, and I didn't really do a whole lot except school today anyway, so I think I'm gonna get off for tonight. .3.

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ^-^ I'll try to get more written here then! X3

Good night guys! :3