I’ve been playing so much Breath Of The Wild. xD

Yesss. :D I haven’t gotten any further story-wise, though. :o I’ve pretty much just been trying to figure things out and explore a little more and stuff before I keep going with the story.

Honestly though, I’m kind of exhausted tonight and I sorta just want to go to bed so I think I’m gonna do that. ;v;’ 

I’ll try to write more tomorrow though! ;o; I’ll definitely be on again then. 

Night guys! ^^

I bought a whole bunch of snacks today. xD

Yes. And I think I ate like one single gummy work out of all of it? x’D I also accidentally bought ketchup pringles instead of plain ones bECAUSE THE REDS ON THE CANS ARE SO SIMILAR, but Dad traded me a can of plain ones for the ketchup ones so it’s all good now, ahaha. 

I spent the whole afternoon with Jayden today, which was fun! :D I almost ended up working around one thirty though, because my coworker Amber ended up with the flu at work, but I was in town and didn’t really have a drive in or anything so I couldn’t. And on one hand, I’m glad I didn’t have to work, but on the other hand I feel baaad because it’d really suck to end up sick like that at work. ;o; 

Anyway, I’m kind of just really tired at this point, honestly, so I think I’m gonna get off for today! ;v; 

I’ll try to write more here tomorrow, I’ll be back on again then for sure. :o 

Night guys! :D


YESSSSSS. ;V; I don’t know what his name was or anything, but he looked almost like a tiny greyhound or something? :o And he was scared of the wind so he was shaaaaaking but he came over to me and put his front paws on my knees and wanted me to scratch his head and just AH. :’D 

I hung out with Jayden for most of today too, which was really nice! ^^ And it’s gonna be tomorrow’s adventure, too,  at least until Dad gets off work since he’s going to pick me up when he gets off. :o 

Honestly, I think I’m just gonna stop writing here for tonight, though, since it’s getting late and I still have to get ready for bed. quq But I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Good night guys! ^-^

I made jello a couple of weeks ago and finally got to eat it today. xD

It wasn’t really anything special though, ehhh. quq Some of it wasn’t bad, but some of it you could reeally tell it’d been in the fridge for a while. 

I’m just starting to get ready for work now, since I’ll have to go in a little over an hour! ;o; I’d rather just stay home, though, I had to get up early this morning and I kinda just don’t wanna do anything. xD 

I pretty much spend all day playing Breath Of The Wild though, so that was fun, but I really didn’t get a whole lot further in or anything. :o 

Anyway, I’m gonna go keep getting ready for work, so I’m gonna stop writing here for today! ;v; 

I’m gonna be hanging out with Jayden tomorrow too, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get written tomorrow, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow either way. ^.^ 

Bye guys! ^^