I always forget how much of a process it is to make my bed here. quq

Yeaaah, I washed all my bedding today and I’ve been remaking my bed for over an hour now. qoq 

I’m almost done now I think, so that’s good at least, but I still have almost my whole bedtime routine to go through before I can go to sleep. ;o; 

I think I’m gonna keep this short for tonight so I can get back to making my bed so I can sleep, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! ;v; I’ll try to write more here then. 

Night guys! quq 

My appointment today was longer than I expected! :o

Yeah, there’s not really very much to say about it though, since we’re just starting to get things going. :o 

I was over to see Grammy today too, and that was good! ^^ I picked up a bunch of bottle and can recycling from her place, I couldn’t get it all in the car today though so I’ll probably get the rest on Thursday when I’m in town for my flu shot. uvu

Anyway, I’m not really sure what else to talk about tonight, honestly! quq It’s getting late anyway, so I think I’m just gonna get off for today now and start to get ready for bed.

I’ll definitely be on again tomorrow, though! :D I’ll hopefully have more to talk about here then! ^^

Night guys! ovo

I made so many phone calls today. quq

Yeaaah, I think that was the most calls I’ve ever made in a day, at least so far. ;v; 

I booked an eye exam, an appointment to get my flu shot, and an appointment with the career place in town to talk to them about a program they’re doing, and I called the place I have car insurance with to talk to them about something too. I had to call a couple of them more than once because I got the answering machine. :o

That was all good to get figured out though! I’ll be going in to the career place tomorrow, and then my flu shot is on Thursday. 

My eye exam appointment worked out really well, they only had one opening before my insurance is up on November 18th and it’s on November 17th in the evening. :o So I guess it was a good thing I called today!

Anyway, I’m really tired now, so I think I’m gonna get off for tonight so I can get ready for bed! ^^

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Night guys! ^.^

I got to meet my grandparents’ new kitten today! :D

Yes! ^.^ We were at their place for a Thanksgiving dinner today, and that was really good! :D

Their new kitten’s name is Squirrel, and he’s four months old! ^^ He’s a tabby and white kitten, he’s pretty nervous of people right now it seems, but he would come over and sniff my hand sometimes and I was able to pick him up and hold him before we left too! :D He didn’t wiggle at all when I picked him up, I was really surprised. :o 

Anyway, it’s getting kinda late and I’m really tired, so I think I’m gonna get off for tonight now and go to bed. ;v; 

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! ovo

Night guys! :D