I have another dentist appointment tomorrow! quq

Yeaaah, this time is just the usual cleaning. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long or anything! quq 

Besides that I’m not sure what I’m gonna be doing tomorrow yet, I might try to get into some work stuff but I’m not 100% sure what I’ll get into with that if I DO get into working. :o

Today was kind of a lazy day, besides helping mow part of the lawn today! It was cooler out today though, which was really nice. ^^

Anyway, I’m really sleepy and it’s getting late anyway, so I think I’m gonna get off for tonight and finish getting ready for bed. :o

I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Good night guys! ^.^

It was WAAAAY hotter out today. qoq

Yeaaaah, Dad doesn’t usually mind the heat that much and even he was minding it today. ;o; It wasn’t as bad in the shade, but the sun was suuuper hot. quq 

I ended up seeing Grahm for a couple of minutes today, which was really nice! :D I haven’t seen him in forever. quq I couldn’t hug him or anything, but I’m glad I got to see him. We just happened to be at the same intersection in town at the same time, and then I ended up passing him and we figured out who the other was, so we ended up pulling over and talking for a few minutes! ^^

Anyway, I’m suuper sleepy and it’s getting late anyway, so I think I’m gonna get off for tonight now and go to bed. quq

I’ll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Night guys! ovo

I’m waaay too warm and tired to exist tonight. quq

Yeaaaaah. quq It was suuuper hot out today, both at Aidan’s and at home, and it’s really warm in the basement tonight too. ;o; Usually the basement is pretty cool but not tonight, I guess. ;v; 

I was gonna sleep in my room tonight, but I’m gonna be better off on the couch since the ceiling fan in here is better, mine suuuucks and I have too many loose things around my room right now to use my floor fan. ;o; I might take some time tomorrow to sort stuff out though so I can use the fan in there another time! 

Anyway, I don’t really have anything else to talk about here tonight, and I kinda just wanna go to bed. quq 

I’ll definitely be on again tomorrow, though! :o Hopefully I have something better to talk about here then! 

Night guys! ;v;

I just finished watching Isle of Dogs with Aidan! :o

Yeah! :o It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, it had a compleeeetely different vibe than I thought it would have, but it was really good! ^^ 

I figured I’d get something written here now while I had a minute, it’s starting to get kinda late and I’m probably gonna start thinking about getting ready for bed before too much longer. :o 

I’ll be headed back home sometime tomorrow, I’m not sure when yet or anything, but I’ll figure it out better in the morning. uvu

Anyway, I think I’m gonna get off for tonight now, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! :D I’ll try to talk more here then. ^^

Good night guys! ovo