I’ve been trying to upgrade my old laptop to Windows 10 since this afternoon. qoq

Yeaaah, it's been pretty uncooperative with me, and it's taken a lot longer than I expected or hoped. qoq It's after 11pm now and I have to be up for a meeting in the morning, I've been at Grammy's dealing with this for most of the day but I'm probably gonna have to take it home and hope it sorts itself out before too long. 

It definitely hasn't gone the way I hoped at all, I thought I'd be done a lot sooner and if I'd known it was gonna go this way I would've waited until tomorrow. ;o;

Anyway, I think I'm gonna stop writing here for today now so I can get ready to go home. ;v; 

Night guys! quq

I’m gonna get to properly sleep in tomorrow! :D

Yeah! :o I haven't gotten to do that in a couple of weeks, so that'll be nice for sure. 

I sooort of got to sleep in last Sunday, but only in the sense that I woke up at 7:50, haha. Only falling asleep at 5:30am or later didn't really make it feel very much like sleeping in though! quq 

Today was pretty mundane, I worked this morning until 1:30, and then I went to a couple of stores to get a few things, and then I came home! I didn't really do much else worth noting, I did get to play Violet for a bit tonight though, which was nice! ^^

Anyway, I think it's tome for bed now, so I'm gonna wrap this up for today! uvu

Night guys! ^^

I’m going to be up at 6 for work, but I’ll have the afternoon off at least! :o

Yeah! :o I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the rest of the day yet, I have some chores and stuff to do though, so I might do that. 

Today wasn't particularly exciting, but we did have some sun today, which was nice after how dark and grey it's been outside lately! :D

Anyway, I think I'm gonna wrap this up for tongiht now so I can go to bed, but I'll be back on again tomorrow for sure! ^^

Night guys! :o

It’s been super windy today and the power just went out. quq

Yeaaah, I was really hoping it wouldn't, I wasn't done working for today yet so it's definitely not the most convenient thing to have happened tonight. ;o; Hopefully it'll come back soon. ;v;

Anyway, I'm gonna keep this quick for tonight, I think Dad just has the router set up on a battery backup thing right now so I'm not sure how long that'll be running! quq So I'll get this posted now while I do still have wifi.

Hopefully I'll be able to write more here tomorrow! 

Night guys! ;v;