My Byleth amiibo arrived today! :D

Yeah! :D So that was really nice! The packaging arrived pretty damaged though unfortunately, but the actual amiibo itself was fine, thankfully! quq I’m just glad I’m not an in box collector or anything, but I would’ve liked if the packaging was intact since I usually hold onto them for when I move my amiibos around. Ah well though, it was just the packaging that was damaged so that’s good at least. ^^

Anyway, nothing else worth noting really happened today, honestly! quq I’m just about to go to bed now, it’s really late and I’m pretty tired.

So I think I’m gonna stop writing here for tonight now! :o I’ll definitely be back on again tomorrow, though!

Good night guys! uvu

The violets I planted are starting to sprout like crazy! :D

Yeah! :D I had three pop up overnight Saturday night, and then tonight I counted 18! :o They sprouted early and everything, they usually take 10-20 days to sprout but I only planted them a week ago yesterday! 

So that’s been really nice to see! :D I’m excited to see them start to grow, I’m not sure how many I planted since the seeds were so tiny and I had so many, so it’ll be interesting to see how many pop up!

Anyway, it’s really late and I should really be going to bed since I have to get up early to do work tomorrow. quq So I think I’m gonna get off for today now, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! ^^

Night guys! ovo

I’m not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow. quq

Yeaaah, I’ve definitely caught up on a bunch of sleep which is good, but I don’t feel like I’m done yet or anything. ;v; Hopefully I won’t be too tired getting up tomorrow, though!

I played a couple games today and did some drawing, and that was pretty much it! :o I played A Short Hike for a little bit this morning, and then I played Mario Kart with Dad and Melissa this afternoon, so that was good! :D 

I’m just about to get ready for bed now, I figured I’d get something written here before I did that! uvu I think I’m gonna stop writing here for tonight now so I can go start my routine, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! ^^

Night guys! ovo

Today wasn’t really that great either. quq

Yeaaah, it’s kinda just been a really rough and tired few days. qoq I’m hoping that tomorrow will be better.

I didn’t really do anything worth talking about today, honestly. ;v; I’m kinda just really tired, the grey weather definitely didn’t help that at all either.

So I think I’m probably just gonna get off for tonight now so I can finish getting ready for bed, but I’ll be back on again tomorrow for sure! quq I’ll hopefully have something better and more to say here then.

Night guys! ;o;