I think I have a free class in school all year this year! :o

Yeah! :o I won't have it every day or anything, since it's sharing the block in my schedule that chemistry's in too, but it looks like I'm gonna have chemistry and the free class all year, I think! I'm pretty sure this means I didn't get into one of my electives for the second semester, but I'll figure that out when I get to it. uvu
Today's plans didn't really work out. ;u; Thomas ended up feeling really sick, so I didn't get to see him, and Jordan didn't end up being around either. It's not really anyone's fault that stuff didn't work out, though, Thomas couldn't help being sick and if Jordan was doing other stuff he couldn't really help that either, things just kinda didn't want to work out. I'm kinda disappointed it didn't work out, but I'm definitely not disappointed with anyone or anything, this stuff just happens sometimes. quq
It kinda sucks that I got up really early and nothing really came out of it too, but ah, oh well. It wasn't like anyone knew things weren't gonna work out or anything. ;o;
School starts tomorrow too, and I'm reeeally not looking forward to it. D: I mean, it'll be good to see people again, but I'm kinda just really scared that this year is gonna be like last year, class-wise, and I'm scared that things are gonna get overwhelming again, and just ehhh. qoq
Hopefully this year goes better than last year did, though!
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but Dad has to do work, so I have to get off for tonight. I'm really tired anyway, so I'm probably just gonna go to bed soon too. .3.
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then if I can! uvu
Good night guys! ;u;

I'm getting up really early tomorrow morning, but it's gonna be worth it! :D

Yeah! :D I'm probably getting to see Thomas again tomorrow, so getting up at like six thirty is gonna be worth it, ahaha. xD
So that'll be great! ewe I'm looking forward to it.
I didn't do a whole lot today, but I did get most of my stuff ready for school on Wednesday! :o I'm really not looking forward to going back to school, ehhhhhh. ;u; I have pretty much everything I'm gonna need for the first day put together though, so that's good.
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's getting kinda late, and I'm going to be waking up early to go to the city tomorrow morning, so I think I'm gonna go to bed! ;o;
I'll definitely be on again tomorrow, though, so I'll try to get more written here then if I can! uvu
Good night, guys! X3

Today was an adventure, but not in a really busy way! :D

Yeah! ^.^ When I got to Thomas's place we pretty much just played a little Superhot with his virtual reality stuff, and then we just watched a bunch of things on youtube and netflix before I had to go. xD So it wasn't really busy or anything, but it was really nice! owo I had a good day.
I'm gonna get to see him again on Tuesday, too, so that's gonna be great! :D I'm looking forward to it. ewe
I'm kinda really tired now though, aha, so I think I might just go to bed for tonight. xD I was reeeally close to starting to fall asleep near the end of the drive home from the city, and now I'm just sorta really sleepy. :o So I think I'm gonna go sleep.
But I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I'll try to get more written here then! X3
Night guys! owo

Tonight was not neeear as busy as last night was at work! xD

Yeah! :D So that was really nice. And I still got $13 in tips tonight, too, which was also nice. xD Usually I only get between six and nine bucks when I work Saturdays, but the people that were in tonight tipped well, so that was good! :o
I'm getting to see Thomas tomorrow afternoon! ^^ So that's gonna be great, I'm really looking forward to it. :3 I have noooo idea what time I'll be getting home tomorrow? xD I don't know how long I'm gonna get to hang out with Thomas either, but I'm hoping at least a couple hours. uvu
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's late, and I'm tired, so I think I'm gonna go to bed for tonight. qoq
I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though! :o I'll be on again then for sure. ^-^
Good night, guys! ewe

I got called into work today. ;-;

... Yeah. ;=; I got asked this morning to work the closing shift. It was really, really busy too, and people kept coming in even after we were supposed to be closed and our signs weren't lit up anymore. D:
I made $15 in tips, but honestly, I don't really think it was worth it. ;u; The waitress working tonight has been working there nine years and that's the latest she's ever been there, ehhh.
But better today than Sunday or Tuesday, because at least today getting called in didn't mess up aaaall of my plans, just shortened them, but if I were to get called in on Sunday or Tuesday it'd be all but just throwing my plans out the window because of how long it takes to get to the city and back. ;o; If I get asked to work on either of those days I think I'm just gonna tell them I can't, because I do have plans already (at least for Sunday, and I will have plans for Tuesday in the next couple days too) and I won't be in town.
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but I'm kind of exhausted and I'm pretty sure I'm overtired, so I think I'm gonna go to bed. qoq
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! uvu I'm not sure exactly how much I'll get written here then, because I'm working tomorrow too, but Saturdays aren't typically busy so that's good! :o Either way I'll write what I can here then. ^.^
Night guys! uvu


YES. xD I'm really excited, though, I want them to get through customs as fast as possible and get to meeeee. x'D I might have to pay duties on them though? Because it's an international package. But I miiiight not have to do that if the person who made them marked them as worth less than $20 CAD (but I'm not sure if that's allowed? Since I did pay $140 USD for them. I haven't done much research on this before now, oops.). Ah well though, if I have to pay duties I can do that, but it'd be great if I didn't have to! :3
I have an estimated delivery time now, too, through Canada Post, and right now the estimate is at 1-3 business days. :o So that means probably tomorrow, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but I'm leaning towards it not being tomorrow the package arrives since it's just in customs now. xD
I didn't do a lot today, honestly! The next little while is gonna be really busy though I think, school starts on Wednesday, Grahm is coming over tomorrow, I work this Saturday and next Saturday, and I'm going to the city where Thomas lives on Sunday and then again for a little while on Tueaday. o.o So I think it's gonna be sorta wild, but ah well, I think I'll still have a little time to not do anything, so that's good. xD I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Sunday, and Tuesday, though! :D They're gonna be pretty good I think.
Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's getting late, and I'm waking up kinda early tomorrow to go to Mum's work with her so we can pick Grahm up on Mum's lunch break, so I think I'm gonna go to bed for tonight. ;u;
I'll be on again tomorrow, though, and I'll try to get more written here then for sure! :D
Good night guys! X3


YESSSS. :'D I've been tracking the package the plushies of King and Alexander are in online, and today I stopped being able to track them from the French website (they started out in France!)! :o I've only been tracking them since yesterday, since I only saw the email with the tracking number in it yesterday, but I figured out I can track it with Canada Post once they're in Canada, and out of curiosity I checked the tracking on Canada Post earlier since the French website said they'd left France, and the package has been recieved by Canada Post, so they're in Canada now! X3 I think it'll probably still be a couple days before I actually get them, though, but I'm gonna keep tracking them so I know when the package gets here. ^^ I'm really excited to get them, ahaha! :D
Melissa, Mum, and I did go to the beach today! ^.^ I found a bunch of beach glass and some cool shells and rocks, but I think the coolest thing I found was a decent-sized piece of yellow beach glass. :o I've never seen yellow beach glass before, so that was cool! owo
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's late, and I'm tired, so I'm gonna go to bed for tonight. ;o;
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though! uvu I'll try to get more written here then if I can~
Night guys! :D