I've eaten so many of those Jolly Rancher candies.

I ate like six last night, and it pretty much killed my mouth.. xD It's somewhat sore, and I think there miiight be a small scratch or two.

Woops. x'D

I'm not sorry. Those candies are great. //shot

So it turns out I'm watching almost 1500 people on dA. qoq

Do me a favor, all of you, and never, ever watch that many people. xD

AND REMEBER HOW I SAID YOU GUYS WOULD FIND OUT WHO IT WAS THAT I SHIP THAT'S CANON NOW? Well, they told a couple people at school, but I dunno if I'm allowed to tell people online yet. ;u; I still have to ask one of them.

I'm gonna go now, though. uvu I'm going to watch another episode of Elementary with Dad~

Night guys! X3