I just watched the Big Brother Canada season finale for this year! :o

Yessss. owo I'm pretty satisfied with the winner, aha. xD I don't want to leave any names here, just in case someone else has been watching and hasn't caught up yet, whoops. 030 The winner wasn't really originally one of my favorites though, Raul and Ramsey were before they got sent home or to jury. qoq Ah well though! ^^
I've seen like three hours of Big Brother Canada tonight now, because the finale was two hours long and then we had an episode from last night recorded too. uvu 

I think the US Big Brother should be starting pretty soon too, so I'm looking forward to that! :D Big Brother is one of my favorite TV shows, honestly. ewe

I said I might show you guys the beans I planted too, and I took a picture of them today! :3 They've gotten really big, aha~


I can't wait for them to have actual beans growing on them too, and I don't think it'll be thaat long until they do aha, just based on how fast they've been growing! :D
I thiiiink I said something about maybe posting pictures from Hedley here too! :o I took a couple of reeeally nice ones, I'm really happy with how they came out! ^^


I think this one was the clearest one I got zoomed in this much, which is really cool! :3 Jacob Hoggard moves around a loooot, so it's really hard to get a clear picture of him, aha. xD



It came out sooo much clearer than almost all of my other pictures, and the lights look really cool and just AAAAHH :'D I'm super happy with how it came out~

I've been trying to be more active on dA the past few days too! :3 I went through all of my notifications and stuff, so that's basically all cleared out which is nice! ^^ I uploaded a sketch I did during school the other day too, I think I'm gonna try to do that more often if I can. uvu I think I might try to post more pictures and stuff here too! :D 

I tried to use the same sort of style I used to use all the time in terms of coloring - just sticking with the pencil I used to sketch it out originally and shading things in! I think it came out pretty well aha, I'm pretty satisfied with it~


I hadn't drawn Lucid in a while either, so I figured why not! xD I didn't have to erase a whole lot with this drawing either, which was really nice, usually I have to erase and redraw a couple things once or twice. :o

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon starters were revealed a couple days ago too, ahaha, I think they're pretty much everywhere at this point. xD 
I can't wait for the games to come out! quq I think I'm going to get Sun, because the legendary on the front reminds me of a lion and it just looks really cool, aha. x'D
Thomas is getting Moon, so that really works out too! :3 We didn't discuss it at all, it just so happened that we're getting opposite versions, which is pretty cool. ewe 

I think I'm probably going to pick Litten as my starter, honestly! ^-^ I like all of the new starters, but Litten is my favorite aha, and I usually pick the fire types anyway so it works out! xD 
I think Black and White and Black 2 and White 2 were the only games I haven't picked the fire type starter the first time, honestly. 030 I picked Snivy for all of the Unova games I have, I think!

I'm getting really close to three years of entries here too! :'D It'll be three years around the end of this month, I don't remember the exact date right now, but I'll have that figured out pretty soon I think, aha. xD

I've been thinking of backing up alllll of my entries on a flashdrive sometime, but I've got a literal ton to back up if I do decide to do that. qoq It'd probably take me pretty much forever in the end, I think. x'D Ah well though, I might do it anyway, so then if something happens I won't lose everything! ^^

Anyway, it's getting kind of late, and I'm pretty tired, so I think I'm going to go to bed! owo 

This entry has been literally all over the place aha, sorry. x'D
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure! :D 
Good night guys! X3