We had the roof re-done at Dad's today. 030

Yeah. 030 So pretty much all day all you could hear was banging from the roof, but ah well, I'm still kinda used to it from when we were doing all the other renovations when we first moved in, aha. x'D The roof's all done now too, so that's good! :3 I'm pretty sure we thought that the guys who did it would have to come back and finish it tomorrow, but they ended up finishing it today instead, which is nice! ^-^ 

I didn't really do much today, honestly, I think the most noteable thing I did today was go outside and help Dad and Melissa pick up a bunch of nails and pieces of the old shingles after the guys that fixed the roof dropped. xD Ah well though, maybe I'll end up doing something else tomorrow~ :3

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but it's already almost eight forty five, and I think I might be watching something on TV with Dad in a minute, so I have to get off for tonight. ;u;'

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though! ^-^ I'll be on again then for sure~ :3

Good night guys! X3