I've pretty much done absolutely nothing productive today. xD

Yeah. xDD I did have a shower though, which is something I suppose? :o 

I'm pretty much just laying in bed watching Markiplier videos on youtube now aha, Dad said I could stay up later than usual tonight as long as I go to bed at a reasonable time, so I think I'm just gonna do that for a while! ^^ I dunno how late I'm actually gonna stay up though, I'm kinda tired tonight so I might just go to bed in a bit once I've finished the bag of doritos I have, or when my ipad finishes charging. Whatever comes last I guess? 030 It shouldn't take tooo long to charge my ipad though, since I'm using a better cord than I usually do, so that's good! :D

I might read more of one of the Sword Art Online manga I have before I go to bed, too. uvu I finally figured out what books come after the first one / first arc, so now I'm rereading what I've already read of the first one and finishing what I didn't, so I can read the first book of the second arc! ^.^ 

Anyway, I'd write more here tonight, but it's hard to type on the angle I am, since I have to hold my ipad a certain way so I don't accidentally pull the cord out of it, and so that I can actually see what I'm typing. x'D 

I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and I shouldn't have to hold my ipad so weirdly then, so I'll hopefully get more written here then! :D 

Night guys! X3