So the teachers are going on strike here starting on Monday. .3.

Yeah. 030 I guess it's a province wide thing? But it's gonna be a work to rule thing, so I can't be at school before eight thirty, and I have to be out by two fifty five, and then none of the teachers are allowed to give extra help before or after school, or during lunch, and there's not gonna be extra curricular stuff happening either. D: The student teachers can't stay either, which also sucks, because the one student teacher I do have teaches two of my classes and he's really cool. ;u; 

My friend group at school is gonna have to find another spot to sit for now, too, since the only places we're gonna be allowed to sit in are either always full of people, or they're the main lobby and cafeteria, and Grahm and I can't do that because the toxic, creepy ex-friend sits there, ehhhh. ;o; So as far as I know we might just go up to where the rink and YMCA are all at, since that's kinda just a big community building anyway, and there's a sorta food court place where we can sit if we want. 

The bus situation is also gonna be interesting, since the bus to school from Dad's gets to my school at 8:10, and the bus home to Mum's doesn't always get to the school by 2:55, so we're gonna have to figure that out. .3. 

Anyway, I didn't really do a whole lot today except school, and I'm kinda scared the power might go out, since it's really windy here, so I think I'm gonna stop writing for tonight, so I know for sure this is done. uvu

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow if I can, though! :o I'll be on again then for sure! owo

Night guys! ^-^