We've been playing All I Want For Christmas Is You in music class the past few days! :o

Yeah! :o We wanted to do some sort of Christmas song, and that ended up being the one pretty much everyone in my class of three other people liked, so we went with it. xD

We were playing Living On A Prayer today too, since we had the sheets and stuff for it from back in like September, and I think we might be picking it back up again! :o

I've been painting these decorative keys for my Thresh cosplay the past few days, and I think I've got the white paint done on the metal ones now! :3 I'm gonna paint them green in the end, so I might end up doing that tomorrow~ ^.^ I have some wooden ones to finish painting white too, since I picked up a package of like six wooden keys first, and I figured I'd paint a couple of them while I did the metal ones, since they'll be lighter than the metal ones! uvu

Anyway, it's reeally late, and I was just watching the Survivor finale, so I kiiinda ran out of time to write stuff here tonight, ehhh. D: 

I'll try to write more here tomorrow though, if I have my laptop on and think of it I'll try to start writing earlier! ^^ Either way I'll be on again tomorrow for sure. :3

Night guys! owo