It's been sO GROSS OUT TODAY. ;-;


It was reeally bad out this morning, it was snowing a lot and windy and the roads were icy and just ehhhh, it was pretty much just all around bad. ;o;

I was supposed to go to Dad's tonight, but that didn't happen, since the roads are so bad. .3. We're gonna see what the roads are like tomorrow and see what happens then, so if the roads aren't too icy Melissa and I will go to Dad's then. uvu

I didn't really do much today since it was so cold, I pretty much just sat on the couch with my pokemon blanket and messed around on Furvilla. xD I watched a couple things on youtube too, and I did paint one coat of green paint on the metal keys for my Thresh cosplay, and put the last coat of white paint on the wooden keys, so that's good! :D

I'm really hoping it's not gonna be too bad outside tomorrow, so Melissa, Dad and I still get to see the new Star Wars movie. :o But if not, maybe we'll get to see it on Sunday instead! :3

Anyway, I figured I'd get this done now, since I'm on my laptop and this way I have an entry done in case the power goes out! ^^ And now supper's ready, and I'm hungry, so I think I'm gonna go eat. xD
I'll be on again tomorrow for sure, and I'll try to get more written here then! :3 

Bye guys! X3