I started getting my owed art done! :D

Yeah! ewe

I finished my commission earlier today, and I'm gonna get my art trades done hopefully by the end of this weekend, too! ^.^

I decided to upload the commission to instagram too, which ended up being sort of a mistake, because it took me two hours to figure out how to get the gif converted to an mp4, and long enough to post to instagram. xD Turns out it's really difficult to convert a gif to mp4 and get it posted to instagram without paying for any part of any given gif converter app, without a watermark, or without syncing my ipod with itunes. ;u;' But I did it! :D
It doesn't really feel worth it though, ehhhh, instagram kinda really ruined the quality and it looks blurry and bad and just urg. D: I probably should've expected it though, stuff done with flipnote always looks bad in my camera roll, but I still didn't really expect instagram to be the same way. .3.

Anyway, I'm reeeally tired right now for some reason, and I think I'm gonna play Ori and the Blind Forest for a bit before I go to bed, so I think I'm just gonna get off for tonight. qoq I'm pretty sure I've got a cold anyway, and I've got school tomorrow, so I'm gonna try not to stay up too late either. 030

I'll try to get more written here tomorrow, though! ^^ I'll be on again then for sure! :3

Night guys! X3