I'm pretty sure I took the same classes this year as I did when I was here last year. x'D

Yeah. xD 

I tend to pick the same classes every year anyway though, except for maybe one or two! :o I think I just moved up a level from "advanced beginner" to "intermediate" with my piano class this year, but I'm not even sure on that one, honestly, aha. x'D 

I'm really hoping I'll have a bunch of my classes with people I know! :D I had a whole bunch with Cody two years ago, when I met him, but I ended up having either one or none at all with him last year I think. ;u; I think I had a couple with Matthew last year too, but I'm not sure on that either, whoooops. ^^;

Waking up early's gonna suck, especially since it's a weekend, but eeehh, it'll be worth it! ewe 

I'm pretty sure this is my fifth year doing this camp, since I was here for the years I was in sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth and now eleventh grade. :o I didn't come in grade eight since the Hedley concert I was at that year was the same month, so I ended up doing that instead. 030

Now that it's Sunday (and not Friday, which is when I wrote the draft for today's entry, ahaha) I know who I do and don't have classes with! xD I don't have any classes with Cody this year, but that's alright, I've been talking to Rory a bunch, and I've been talking to this guy named Alasdair (who I might've brought up last night, but I'm not really sure, whoops. x'D He ended up having a really cool spelling to his name though, I assumed it was like 'Alistar' or something, but it's 'Alasdair'. :o) too, and since one of my roommates is friends with Rory, I was talking to her a little earlier, too! :D And Brianna's here too, of course~ ^.^

Anyway, I'm starting to kinda run out of room to type here again, I didn't bring my

laptop so I'm pretty much stuck with writing on my ipad while I'm here, so I think I'm gonna stop writing for now. ;u; 

I'll definitely be on again tomorrow, though! X3

Bye guys! ^-^